Tales from the Trail--Monitoring Subrecipients

Presented by Glenn McCormick, CGMS, Broward County, FL

This course will discuss practical considerations of monitoring Subrecipient’s of a federal award. Various types of monitoring tools are at your disposal and choosing the correct one is critical to effective monitoring. It can also reduce your risk and liabilities in the event that you are audited. The practical considerations of setting up a risk matrix, conducting a monitoring visit, writing an evaluation, and following up on results will be presented in this webinar.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the different types of monitoring techniques
  • Schedule and facilitate monitoring meetings
  • Properly utilize a pre-award risk matrix and conduct monitoring based on risk
  • Write effective evaluations and Corrective Action plans

Course Details

Tales from the Trail--Monitoring Subrecipients01:05:00
Webcast 01:05:00
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