Building an Indirect Rate for Federal Grant Recipients

Presented by Paul Calabrese, Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman

Join GRF Government Contracting Principal Paul Calabrese to learn effective techniques for developing indirect cost rates. Whether you work for a nonprofit, institution of higher learning, or state or local government, don’t miss this session covering the critical considerations and necessary components involved in developing an indirect rate.

Where do you start? This practical “how to” webinar will take participants through all the steps required to build an indirect cost rate. For those managing grant sub-recipients, the presentation will explain the appropriate methodology for preparing indirect rates for Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awards under 2 CFR 200.331(a)(4) and 45 CFR 75.352(a)(4). For those with more than one location, the presenter will also demonstrate a lesser-known method for allocating indirect costs to avoid duplication.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an indirect cost rate following the rules from Appendix IV, Subpart E
  • Utilize the most widely accepted agency template for HHS to prepare an indirect rate proposal
  • Avoid “double-charging” through the use of a special rate allocation via a “bifurcated” indirect rate to deal with different levels of facility cost in more than one location

Course Details

Building an Indirect Rate for Federal Grant Recipients01:30:00
Webcast 01:30:00
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