nVision the Power of Data Mining for Grants

Presented byKaren Norris, kanoco

Where’s the data? The notice of funding opportunity is out and you have to develop your proposal. It’s time to communicate needs. Your progress report is due. You need comparative data. What are the best routes to mining electronic data for compelling demographic, socioeconomic, best practice, health, education, workforce, or other information required to demonstrate your needs or verify your results in an evidence-based manner? Learn how to find what you need without spending hours slogging through the Internet only to find dead ends, disguised sales pitches, outdated information, or simply unhelpful sites. This training is for any grant professional who has to justify a program, pre-award through closeout.

Learning Objectives

  • Different rate types and options for grantees;

  • Whether indirect costs may be recovered on CARES Act funding streams, including an analysis of the impact on recovering indirect against the relief funds;

  • Relationship between indirect cost recovery and administrative costs and caps; and

  • Changes in the UGG impacting indirect costs

Course Details

nVision the Power of Data Mining for Grants
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