Just-In-Time Recovery Management Training Overview

Presented by Michael Gumpert, Floodplain Management Division, FEMA and Michael Brown, Grants Management Division, FEMA

A disaster brings with it not just physical damage and loss but also significant complexity and the possibility of financial peril for local, county, tribal, and territorial governments. This, at a time when increased revenue is needed to pay for rebuilding projects and staff to manage recovery operations. Further compounding recovery is a complex soup of planning considerations, unfamiliar programs, compliance requirements, and scaling issues. Although there are a multitude of government agencies, non-profit organizations, professional associations, and consultants who can assist communities, local governments often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer scale of programs and at a loss of where to start.
Just-In-Time Recovery Management Training (JIT-RMT) is a new training curriculum that was created with the help of over 50 partners from within FEMA and across the federal family as well as state and local governments and national professional associations and non-profits to guide local governments through the recovery process. JIT RMT is a series of sequenced and coordinated post-disaster trainings that teach, using peer and subject matter expert instructors, to the challenges and solutions across the recovery management disciplines including: procurement, recovery staffing, grants management, partnership development, communications, Public Assistance program, CDBG-DR program, Hazard Mitigation program, recovery planning, Individual Assistance program, leadership and management, assessment & data gathering, and financial management.
This suite of courses is structured to be delivered throughout the first year of post-disaster recovery: 2 months post-disaster, 3-5 months post-disaster, and 6+ months post-disaster. Information is presented to students when it is needed along the recovery timeline or, “just-in-time”, so as not to overload already overwhelmed local officials.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key actions associated with recovery management and how they are presented within Just-In-Time Recovery Management Training.

  • Understand the interdisciplinary nature of the program and why it is important to engage multiple stakeholders

  • Identify key considerations for grants management and how it is incorporated within Just-In-Time Recovery Management Training.

Course Details

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