President’s Management Agenda: More Than Goal 8

Presented by Karen Norris, Principal, kanoco

Just when you thought you were finally keeping up with the many regulations that govern grants, there’s another ball to juggle. In addition to the uniform guidance, the federal agency regulation, and the program statute, among other requirements, now there’s the President’s Management Agenda (PMA). We knew that PMA Goal #8 related to grants, but there are other PMA goals that deeply impact how we manage grants. It appears 2019 will be a busy year. We need a bigger basket for those balls.

Learning Objectives

  • Raise awareness about the President’s Management Agenda
  • Develop an understanding of Goal 8
  • Recognize other PMA goals that impact grants

Course Details

President’s Management Agenda: More Than Goal 801:30:00
Webcast 01:30:00
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